Progressive Cheverly


Progressive Cheverly is proud to have been recognized by the Town of Cheverly receiving the 2013 Jack Wheat Award.  This annual award acknowledges individuals and organizations who contribute to the spirit of community within Cheverly.  The award will be conveyed during ceremonies on Cheverly Day.

The award announcement states:

While some may see Progressive Cheverly as a political organization, it is clearly much more than that.  One service that Progressive Cheverly provides all Cheverly residents are valuable forums on many different topics of interest.  Of particular value are forums with candidates for elected office and elected officials


However, members of Progressive Cheverly are also working to make Cheverly a better place to live.  Members of the organization have worked to defeat a Concrete Plant on Sheriff Road, they have worked with surrounding communities to develop Community Standards for the Route 450 and 202 corridors, been active in the Green Initiatives throughout town and have been proponents of Peace Month.    


For their efforts in promoting community, Progressive Cheverly receives the Jack Wheat Award.


Congratulations also to Steve Brennan of the Cheverly American Legion who won this year's Mayor's Award for Outstanding Individual Volunteer contributions.


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